Keith and Tara still tearing it up as a twosome

June 16th, 2008

The audience had their suspicions as the couple kept angling to get in a suite together. Their under-the-radar romance finally revealed itself in the finals when Keith shared his winnings with Tara. The couple went on to travel to Vegas for Tara’s friend’s birthday party. Keith even confessed that it was “pretty hard” to watch Tara snuggling up to Alex. But that wasn’t enough to break their good relationship as even after the show, they remained close friends.

What could the couple have been doing while they were together in a suite? Of course you know the answer to that question - wild and vigorous sex! While you’re busy letting your imagination fly, check out these pictures of Tara Gerard taken at Coyote Ugly. I hope these images will help you in your Tara fantasy. Click here to get more images of this sexy starlet.

Amanda Byram pantyless upskirt and braless screencaps

June 16th, 2008

Sultry reality T.V. host Amanda Byram is absolutely hot in all the episodes of Paradise Hotel. But she’s hotter in these various screencaps of her. In one, her nipples are clearly outlined against the skimpy top she’s wearing and in the other it looks like she’s not wearing any panties under her short skirt at all! It just got hotter in here with Amanda! Check them out and click the pictures for the best online resource on this sexy host. Visit Paradise Hotel Sex for more of the same!

Paradise Hotel finalists Tara Gerard and Charla Pihlstrom sizzle in this MAXIM photo shoot

June 16th, 2008

The reality T.V. show Paradise Hotel paired a man and woman and let them stay in one hotel room together. During the course of the show, the contestants encountered different partners but always of the opposite sex. What if the show allowed lesbian roommates? That would definitely be hot right? But sad to say that wasn’t included in the show’s program and we can only imagine what it would be like if that happened. MAXIM magazine helps us imagine what could have been with this smoking hot pictorial with finalists Tara Gerard and eventual winner Charla Pihlstrom. The gorgeous girls are wearing identical red lingerie as they pose seductively in the pictorial. Fans of both girls will be delighted to look at the pictures. Feel free to browse them and click the pictures to be able to get the full version.

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Paradise Hotel host Amanda Byram shows that she’s got the Stuff

June 16th, 2008

The hot brunette host of Paradise Hotel has been featured in Stuff magazine back in 2004. Amanda Byram is an Irish T.V. personality who hails from Dublin. Her previous work involves hosting other shows for BBC but so far she’s most famous for her work with the Paradise Hotel reality shows. Check out the pictures below and see another reason why she’s famous.

She’s a real hottie, huh? Hmmm, what could she have done while inside the Paradise Hotel? I would love to know if she got involved in something naughty while staying in that luxurious hotel. If you want more stuff about the beautiful Paradise Hotel and what goes on behind its doors, then click this link to satisfy your curiosity.